Monday, March 1, 2010

Name that Job!

Oh, beloved readers. 

I need a job!

Just over a year ago I was laid off from my job. I was very fortunate to be able to collect unemployment compensation since then. It has paid our mortgage. 

However, the money train is going to run out in a couple of weeks and my prospects are still bleak. Now, my aim is not for you to feel sorry for me. My life is fantastic, except for the "no money" part. Lots of people have it way worse than me. But I do want to be honest about what's going on in my life.

Finding a job in any part of our country right now is difficult, I would imagine. But finding a job in Michigan is near impossible. Especially if you are me, and your skills are extremely common. I can write, proofread, take photographs, and be an administrative assistant, to name a few. None of these skills are very lucrative, and the workforce is flooded with people with the same qualifications. Right now being a hiring manager is like a being fisherman looking into the ocean and trying to pick out the best tuna fish, when they all look THE SAME on the outside. 

My job situation is also complicated, as I need to either work from home, or work 2nd shift, when JB is home and can care for Olivia. I am not against daycare. But I am against paying at least $800 a month for it. (I priced it before I lost my job. This amount is not an exaggeration--in fact, it's on the low end.)  

I have learned that networking is what gets people most of their jobs. It's what got me my last two jobs, and what landed JB his. Networking makes me uncomfortable, but I have been doing it. Dead ends so far. But it feels good to practice it, anyway. However, I have not tried my blog friends. Perhaps YOU know of something that I can do! 

Here are my dream scenarios:

  • I can become a full-time blogger. Lots of people do this. It does take some initial investment though (like buying blog editing software), and I am not one to take risks and spend $$ on something that isn't a guarantee. I have started a quilting blog, though, and it would be awesome if that takes off. It usually takes about 2 years to start making $$ on a blog, though, and I have a long way to go to have a site even remotely as cool as my these two fabulous and useful quilting sites: Red Pepper Quilts, and Oh Frannson! 

  • I can work from home as a freelance proofreader. I have been exploring this option, though, and there are more proofreaders than there is work, it seems. 

  • A wealthy person paying me to raise the most beautiful, special little girl in the entire world. The one person to do that would be JB. Oh, JB, why can't you be a Sugar Daddy???

Here are my realistic options:
  • Working retail after hours and weekends. 
  • Working at Meijer 2nd shift. 
Here is what I will NOT do:
  • Sales.
  • Work in a nursing home.
Finding a job right now is very stressful for me. I know that God will provide, so that's good. But I have lots of questions: 

  • Why should I be subject to jobs that don't utilize all my skills? Why did God give me these skills if I am to be relegated to scanning someone's baked beans at the register at 1 a.m. every weeknight? 
  • Why did I bother to pay thousands of dollars for a f&^%ing degree that isn't paying me back??? 
  • What is my CALLING???
So, if you have a great idea for a job, let me know. Or, you can just pray for me. And while you're at it, please pray for the thousands of other men and women in my great state who have even bleaker prospects than I. Some families even have BOTH parents out of work. 

Oh Lord, save Michigan!


The Contemplative Mama said...

Hi April,
Not sure how you'd feel about this, but what about doing daycare in your home...just a child or two, maybe for people from your'd be able to stay at home and take care of Olivia then and you'd be the one making the boucoup bucks for daycare : )
Aunt Helen

Michigan Girl said...


A few comments.

1) I actually agree with your aunt Helen--that may be a REALLY good solution for you, if you don't mind watching another kid or two. And your prices could be a lot more affordable and you'd still make good money. If you do that, though, I recommend setting up an LLC and getting an EIN #, so you can properly pay your taxes. It will affect how much Social security you can draw in the future. Kat's money may even be able to help you, as Kat is doing all this and she does her taxes, etc.

2) I AM WITH YOU GIRL. What is my calling? I've been asking that question ever since I starting working as a lawyer and realized that this ISN'T IT. Why did I spend money on a damn law degree, when its a watered down degree that doesn't mean much anymore and the job sucks? Grrr.......


Michigan Girl said...

PS--I meant to say Kat's MOTHER could help you with that!!!


Anonymous said...

home with three or four other people's kids? RLB thought it was insanity. So, we helped people when we could for free, but people need good people to raise their kids. You'd be good at it and 4 x $200 each week means about $35,000.00/year. We'll be praying for your decision. Love, Uncle T

April said...

Thanks, guys! You are so sweet!

Daycare IS a great idea, but not for me.
1.) I am not located near people who could afford daycare, or their jobs, so I wouldn't be easy for drop off/pick up.
2.) I am not a kid person. Doing daycare would be about as exciting to me as doing a Sales job. It's stressful for me to just do nursery duty at our church! So I would wake up every morning dreading work. :(

And Heather, I do have an EIN, etc., from doing my freelance work, which DOES make taxes, etc., easier.

Anonymous said...


Okay - I know you said "no sales" but...

What if by day you and Olivia shopped estate sales, auctions, and even garage sales (Olivia, being the most adorable kid around, would ensure that people would give you even great deals.) - and by night you take fantastic pictures of your purchases and sell them for a profit on Craig's list or ebay. I know many people who have been very successful at this. It does take money up front to buy things but start small and use a percentage of your profits to go out and shop again.

You have the advantage of a mother-in-law who knows her antiques. Many people simply dump things at these sales and have no idea that with a little time and effort, they would make much more money.

Aunt Rhonda

Michigan Girl said...

Maybe you and I need to just write our book and be world famous authors. :)

And I understand the no daycare thing.


April said...

Aunt Rhonda, I'm all over that one! I've been keeping my eyes out for hidden treasures the last few years. Unfortunately, people around here know their antiques.
However, I do plan to take a few trips to the Allegan Antiques Fair again this summer, so I may hit gold yet! :)