Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Dream House

Though we love our home, JB and I have been talking about our dream home for years. I don't really want to move, and if I could have my way, I'd have this house airlifted to some acreage in the country and call it good. But technology has not advanced that much. And since our yard is very, very small, our driveway even smaller (I have ripped off the side mirrors of JB's car 3 or 4 times now), and the area of yard that gets enough sun to grow vegetables even smaller, we are aspiring to a better place. Or, well, for a better yard.

I often daydream about our driveway neighbors moving away, and their house burning down or something, and us getting to just add on an extra city plot of yard. Yes, I know. Dreaming of someone's house burning down is evil. But it's not like they would be living there! And no one would be harmed in the making of our new yard. The neighbors would get insurance money exceeding what they would sell the house for, we'd get a yard, the city would get an inimpressive house turned into a beautiful garden, we'd save money on sideview mirrors.

But since God is more clever than I, I don't think the house will burn down. A housefire is probably not in everyone's best interests, contrary to what I imagine. 

One thing I appreciate about JB is that he has similar interests to me. We both would love to live on acreage in the country in a cool old home. My dream home is a bungalow, which has garnered JB's interest too. Unfortunately, bungalows were a revolution of city neighborhoods in the 20's, so if we want one in the country, we have to build.

Here is our current pick.


 It's called "The Winslow." 

I'm not a fan of the size: 2,500 square feet. Our current house is 1,850 and that's plenty of space for me to have to dust and vacuum. BUT, the extra square footage results in a living room AND a den, meaning that I can have my own quiet place in the living room full of books, and JB and the kids can watch the TV drone on for hours in the den. Or they can play nerf tag. Or whatever. I don't care. Just don't come in the living room unless you are going to do a quiet activity. 

Here are some example interior shots from the Winslow's company:

Looks pretty fancy-pants to me. A little too new looking for my interests, but I'm sure we could break it in in no time. 

So on cold dreary days when the sun has gone off to play somewhere else, and the sounds of Modern Warfare 2 are wafting through the house, this is what I think about. 

We'll see what God's got up his sleeve for us. Even if it's not The Winslow, hopefully it'll be a place with more yard, lots of sun, and some dreamy shade trees.


Michigan Girl said...

That house looks awesome. What website did you get that from? Looking at home plans, etc, is a hobby of mine. I had one totally picked out to build before we bought this place, which now I am extremely glad we did. I honestly am not sure I have the patience to build. And trust me, the 2500 square feet will be needed and wanted if/when you give O a sibling or two.


PS--my favorite website for home plans is /www.architecturaldesigns.com

Dave & Sarah said...

I love those house pictures :) Are you moving?

April said...

Heather: Isn't it fun to look at house plans? :) You're probably right about the extra square footage, too.
the website is thebungalowcompany.com

Sarah: not moving any time soon. At least not for five years, I'd say.

Michigan Girl said...

When I came back to the post, I realized that you had a link in there! Doh!


Tommy said...

I remember JB telling me he had a slightly different system for determining the type of house he likes. It has something to do structural integrity.

Haller4307 said...

this style of house is popular where we live, but very pricey and not in the country.

square footage and land are two things you cannot get here unless you can pay millions.

Anonymous said...

We have the land in Tennessee. Come on down!!