Thursday, March 4, 2010

Name that Blog!!

Thank you for all of your kind words and support regarding my job search. In addition to making a new freelance contact (thank you, brother!), I got word today that I get a 3-week extension on unemployment! Aaagghh!!! :)

During my job search I have learned something startling about myself: I am not a risk taker.


Not being a risk taker is like being a stick in the mud, isn't it? It always annoyed me to have to deal with someone who was afraid to try something new--whether it be an ethnic dish, an unusual outfit, a new haircut, etc.

And now I've realized I'm one of them!!! Please don't judge me world! I didn't KNOW!!

Okay, so I do take some risks. In fact, I'll take just about any risk that doesn't involve money. (...or dining on animal brains...come on, people--that's disgusting!). I never took an unpaid internship in college. I never took a job that couldn't pay the bills, but that might advance me professionally. In college I never claimed a major (of the 4 or 5 that I chose) that didn't have a relevant job attached to it (no English major for me! "English" isn't a job. But Journalism, well, produces Journalists! And ironically, journalism is now a dying profession, too. Boo.) I have wanted to take photography classes but since a photography profession is extremely risky, since everyone does it, I didn't want to make an investment that wouldn't pay me back. 

But life is SHORT. And I don't want to be a wimp. 

So I am starting out on a venture that could fall flat on its face. Because of that, sometimes I do not want to start it. I want everything that I touch to turn into gold, and it's easier if you only touch sure things. Yet, I am going to make myself do this. 

I am starting a quilting blog. 

I have done a lot of research on making money blogging. I believe that I have all the necessary skills: writing, photography, a passion for my subject, interest in good website layout, etc. One question potential bloggers need to ask themselves is: would I do this, even if I didn't get paid? 

The answer for me is YES!!!!

It takes about 2 years before you start making $$ on a blog, and I am willing to invest that kind of time.

But I need help picking out a name! If you want to be a part of quilting history (as this is going to be the most fabulous, amazing, quilting blog EVER), give me your two cents! I am also open to suggestions. What do you think? 

I personally wanted SassySewNSew, but it's already taken. Many sites are. And there is already a popular site, "Crazy Mom Quilts," so I should avoid "crazylady" names.


Tommy said...

I think "Quilt Fu" is a cool name. I think any name that integrates quilt or sew with a profession or title known for mastery of something would be cool. Like Chief Quilting Officer aka CQO. Because everyone's got a Cheif (insert some stupid role) Officer at their company.

Oh, and I had lamb brains the other day. Kinda cool but you wouldn't want to eat a lot. I had suckling pig the same day along with some other won't know unless you try!

April said...

Thank you for your advice. I'm throwing it in the mix.

You ate a BABY pig?!??? I mean, I know that our pigs owned you when we were little, but STILL. I know it seems perverse for me to want them to suffer in their miserable mini-pens for several months before getting the hammer, but to me killing a baby anything is...well, disturbing.

Michigan Girl said...


I actually really like Tommy's suggestion of Quilt Fu. It's clever and catchy. And remember, sometimes a blog's name doesn't really have to be all that tells me absolutely nothing about what the site is (unless she's referring to poo or something?), but she's one of the most prolific bloggers out there.

I am also not a risk taker, so I know the feeling, friend. It's so hard to do something new and scary! I haven't yet figured out my way out of the "safe" mindset.


April said...

I love Dooce! She is actually one of my inspirations! I've followed her over the years and she just keeps getting more popular.

Anonymous said...

How about April May _______ fill in blank...


or she may not, ha!

Just a thought.


The Contemplative Mama said...

How about Bird Mama Quilts or The Bird Mama Quilts:)