Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ED-Day +2

Hmmm…everyone seems to be on pins and needles here about this baby. Everyone except for me! :) I am looking forward to a lazy week of occasional vacuuming and therapeutic crocheting and do not anticipate a baby soon.

(On the crocheting note, do any siblings want me to crochet them something for Christmas? I am obsessed with crocheting right now. Well, I can only figure out blankets or other square-shaped things right now—like I think I could work out a scarf or maybe a hot pad. Annie has requested a Prada skirt—yeah, not sure about that one, but it’s nice that she thinks I could have the skills for it.)

Back to the baby update:

I saw the doctor today and the baby is pretty content right now, with little intent to leave. On Friday they will do a non-stress test thingy and give me a shot to get the party started. If she hasn’t read her eviction notice by next Wednesday, the doctor will take things into his own hands by inducing.

Sooo…don’t get too excited for baby news this week. You can get back on those pins and needles this weekend. Haha!

My money is on Sunday or Tuesday. Ever since I learned I was pregnant, I had picked Oct 12 for her birthday. No reason. Just felt right. However, Tuesday is the full moon, and even though there is no scientific evidence to support it, I believe the old wives’ tale that more babies are born on a full moon. I’m sure they talk about it in my crazy old Foxfire books somewhere…


Tommy said...

The moon thing is not an old wives tale. The gravitational changes it causes definitely have a recorded effect. Just google "full moon childbirth" and you'll get tons of proof...because the internets are proof of anything!

Maybe we'll get lucky and it will be tomorrow, on Dad's birthday. That way we can knock out two birthday celebrations at once every year. We demand that in addition to being cute, your baby must also be convenient! j/k

Michigan Girl said...

Brian and I are thinking of you! Relax and enjoy this last bit of time before your life changes forever!

April May said...

Well, brother, Dad's birthday was TODAY-- 10/7. Hope you remembered to call him! :)