Monday, October 6, 2008

ED Day +1

It's one day past the estimated delivery day.

All day yesterday I was on edge. Whenever April made a comment about aches or baby movement I immeadiately asked if it, labor- of course, was starting. April has a OB appointment Tuesday and if the baby hasn't arrived they will schedule an inducement date. I've got mixed feelings about inducement. It would be nice to have a "concrete" date that the baby will arrive, but it puts more stress on the baby. Either way, by ED Day +12 baby H will be out and about.

Enough waiting. I'm ready for this fatherhood business.


Virginia said...

You guys are in my thoughts, I'm sending happy baby/fatherhood/motherhood vibes your way (I know it's a long way across the lake, but here's hoping...) and I can't wait to meet little cutie. Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

LOL. Poor JB!

I know I have been thining about you guys constantly!!! I keep thinking "she could be having the baby RIGHT NOW!!!"

Needless to say you guys are in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

I had three pregnancies that were induced. That baby will be fine.

Love, Aunt Rhonda

dave and sarah o said...

praying for you guys and thinking of you often.. cant wait for baby H to arrive :)

love, cousin sarah o

Haller4307 said...

waiting is SO hard. emma was 4 days late. she'll come soon.