Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jesus Thong Room

Before we owned our Calvin house the back bedroom belonged to the teenage son of a single mom. They didn't have a lot of money, so he used what resources he could scrape up when it came to decorating his room: posters and magazine pages of his favorite role models. Well, and just plain old models.

Oh, and a random image of the Cross.

When our friends the Ficks saw the photos of his room, Jess dubbed it the Jesus Thong Room. (And no, I don't mean the thong you'd wear on your foot.) On one side you have the Cross hanging serenely between the basketball mega-stars of the day, showing off their rippling muscles as they drive the ball in for a slam dunk. On the other side you have... THONG TIME! And boob time. Thigh time. Basically, hot chicks.

Who would have thought that one could combine the two into the same space? Well, I guess you
could, but who would want to? This teenage boy, I guess.

Since then JB and I have altered the room a little. Jesus is still welcome in the room (though he doesn't appear on any wall) but we had to let the thong ladies go. This house only has room for one hot chick, and I already got that job.

Notice the improvements we have made.
Particularly the floor. And the nice clean doorknob. When these people painted their rooms they did not use drop cloths. And they didn't bother to try to wipe up any messes, either. Unfortunately, their painting indiscretions on the windows are not viewable, but they basically painted all over the panes of glass and never scraped them. They also never cleaned the windows, so you couldn't really see out of them. I cut them some slack on the house's condition because they were poor, but these little things I just listed can be done for FREE. And the whole house was like this. Agh!

The room has morphed into guest room and now baby/kid's room, but I'll always remember it as the Jesus Thong Room.


Anonymous said...

That is funny. And you guys do awsome work! The room looks great!


Michigan Girl said...

April and JB,
The room looks great. Love the Jesus Thong Room! Now it's ready for Little Miss Hunt!