Friday, April 25, 2008

Where have all the weirdos gone?

I was reading a friend’s blog about missing Michigan this week

—both her alma mater, UofM, and the Detroit area.

And I had been thinking the same thing, too.

Well, not so much the UofM part. :)

I only live in West Michigan, but it seems like such a different world than East Michigan. This is conservative town. I feel like I am surrounded by normal people. Everyone goes to church on Sunday (whether they actually care to know Jesus or not, which is sad), wears normal clothes and has normal hair, lives in a normal house, mostly votes republican, and doesn’t do anything to rock the boat.

It’s hard to explain. I’m sure there are unusual people around here, but I’m hard pressed to find them. My most unusual-but-in-a-cool-way friends in GR aren’t even from here! (Ficks, holla back!)

I don’t know a single person who loves muscle cars. I think
the only person around here who actually paid to have
their windows tinted (besides my inner-city
neighbors, with the cool cars with sweet rims—but they don’t seem interested in making friends with white girls, so I’m out of luck). I don’t know anyone who has tried shave their initials in their dog’s fur in the summer. Or who would crank up the stereo when AC/DC comes on. Or who makes up crazy, unconventional ploys to rid their yard of moles.

Or who makes up funny nicknames for people. Or who didn’t go to a Christian college (okay, maybe only 80% of my acquaintances went to Christian college) or Christian high school. Or who would buy a Hooters t-shirt at a garage sale and wear it around because she loves owls. Or who has gotten as many traffic tickets as me.

Now that I wrote all that down, I realize that I think I’m mostly missing my family. This is who they are. And they don’t think it’s weird. They’re just being themselves. But if they all lived in GR, well, they wouldn’t really fit in.

Sometimes I wonder if I even do.

But I know that I’m not called to live back on the east-side. So I’m kind of stuck. There are many things and people that I love in West Michigan. But it could really use a little Teague and Fraser spice.


sarah o said...

hey if you want some more weirdos head down to TN there is a wide variety of them here.. good ones :)

Jessica said...

DUDE! I love ACDC! I even cranked it up when Ozzy came on the other day and made Dave wait to finish what he was telling me so that I could rock out to the opening bars of "crazy train." We're long overdue for some Hunt/Fick zaniness.