Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol Angst

Though I am not surprised at last night’s American Idol results, I AM miffed.

My three favorite performers from Tuesday night’s broadway theme were Syesha, Carli, and David. Who was in the bottom two last night? Syesha and Carli. Argh! And Carli went home! Those girls really let it out on stage for once and no one appreciated them.

Even the judges said that theirs were the best of the night, but America didn’t care. Or shall I say, teeny-bopper America with their American Idol text messaging didn’t care. The teeny-bopper America who will vote for BORING Jason Castro and David Archuleta despite dreadful performances, etc., just because they’re cute. Newsflash girlies: David’s dad will murder any girl who tries to get in the way of his, er, I mean, his son’s, career. And you think you like those dreadlocks on Jason? Do you really know what dreadlocks are? Dead hair. Dead hair that hasn’t seen shampoo since, well, it died, many, many years ago. No running your fingers through that, kiddos.

I already had to boycott last week’s show after they had kicked off Michael Johns the week before. But I simply cannot boycott next week. Next week the mentor is Neil Diamond!! How cool is that?!??? I don’t care if you think he’s old and corny; I love Neil Diamond! Sister Annie will back me up on that one.


sarah o said...

i agree with you totally. i would love for david cook to win. too bad that carly is off. my prediction for the top3 is david, david, and syesha...what you think?

Michigan Girl said...

I LOVE Neil Diamond--I crack to Brian that he's the Jewish Elvis Presley. I would kill to see him in concert (Brian has and I'm insanely jealous). I might have to watch Idol next week just to see him!
Heather N.

dave & sarah o said...

what did you think about this weeks show? who do you think will go? i still think my top 3 will be right :) check it out ;)