Monday, April 14, 2008

So I met my "baby delivery doctor" today. I met one of her colleagues last time and thought that HE was the best baby doc ever, but then today I was proven wrong--this lady is the shit!

I had two concerns. One was that my hips KILL me every time I walk my dog. I had researched the internet several times and found no helpful information. So I didn't hold out much hope when I asked her about it. But Dr. Bittner sprang right into action, explaining why I felt that way and what I can do to combat it. So easy! Totally worth the $15 copay!

I also was curious about my weight-gain to date. I want to stay within my range but about two weeks ago I suddenly started showing majorly, so I was concerned that I was getting ahead of myself. But when I jumped on the scale I learned that I've LOST a pound (don't worry--not a big deal). I asked Dr. Bittner why I had this gut if I lost weight. She explained that basically it's my bowels being pushed up there to make room for baby, and that they're fatter right now, so that's why the protuberance. Our CEO had to touch my belly this morning and looking back, she was really just feeling my bowel bulge, and not so much a baby. LOL. Okay, so baby was there, too, but he/she wasn't alone.

So, at some of your requests, here is my gut, to date. Which may not be that exciting to you now that you've learned it's probably just bowels. :)

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