Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pukah and her Toys

JB and I noticed the Lulu’s toys were all a little worse for wear. They have all lasted pretty long—save for her plush toys, which get destroyed pretty quickly.

Yesterday I went to Pet Smart to replenish her stock, since she had extra allowance money this month (she gets allowance for food, vet, and toys/treats). I was a little disappointed with the selection, since they did not have exact replacements for her favorite things. I got this blue tug toy but could not find another apple like the one my Granny gave her two Christmases ago. Lucy adores that crazy apple even though the squeak is now gone and it is holey and deflated.

When I came home with the bag she immediately knew I had special things for HER and would not take her eyes off of the bag. She was weary of the blue tug toy, as it didn’t come in the normal shape she’s used to. But the massive rawhide bone was the source of MUCH joy. I love watching her with her giant bone because she’ll carry it from room to room, walking sideways to get it through narrow doorways, etc.

Then JB came home. With the apple. It was a total stroke of luck that he found it in a pile of toys at Meijer.

She flipped out. JB said that when he produced the toy she leapt straight up in the air SIX times in a row, which he has never seen before. You’d think he has just opened the door to a magical room full if infinite dog snacks, just for her!

Lucy does two kinds of leaps. One is a four-banger—she will use all four legs to leap straight up (this is her “excitement” leap, for instances when she gets a new toy or is about to go outside) and the other is a two-banger (used for catching things), in which she springs up using only her hind legs. The four-bangers are funny because it looks like she has invisible springs on the bottoms of all her feet—kind of like Pepe LePew springing through the fields. I don’t have a photo of this yet, but I’ll get one!

Here is Lucy leaping last weekend (a two-banger). She jumped and ran so much that day that she had grass stains down the backs of her legs.

She loves to jump!

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Michigan Girl said...

Funny! Lucy is so cute! And you guys are so good, she gets an allowance! We don't have anything like that for Jack, but we should!