Monday, September 7, 2009

I rocked my baby tonight

I rocked my baby tonight.

I really wanted to read more of Dick Francis’ The Edge.

and to shop for vintage books online.

I wanted to research Alfred Meakin’s Denmark china pattern, circa 1891

or sew Olivia’s windmill quilt and to fancy different ways to quilt the final product.

But I rocked my baby instead.

I should have unpacked from our Labor Day trip to the cabin,

or emailed a woman about starting a Book Club.

Perhaps paid some bills

and put a clean handtowel up in the bathroom.

But I rocked my baby instead.

I rocked her because every time I rock her in her light blue room,

I look at her half-open doorway with faint light spilling in from the hall

and see a 20-year-old girl standing there,

looking at me, saying,

“Mom, have you seen my book?” or “Mom, can you drive me back to college tomorrow?”

And I realize that one day

I will never rock my baby again.


teaglebee said...

Sad and beautiful all at once.

Michigan Girl said...

So true April. It goes by so fast, cherish the time she's this little and wants you to rock her.


dave and sarah o said...

so sweet! you captured the moment well in this entry :) have you had your pic take with little O in the rocker. That one would be a keeper :)

Anonymous said...

I thought you should know this made me cry.

It is so hard sometimes watching them grow up. On one hand you are proud of them/excited for them, on the other you just want to keep them little and safe in your arms forever.


Melissa said...

Nice April, nice. You should save this little gem for an Olivia scrapbook, etc.

Lydia said...

Aww, do you have the book I Love You Forever? This makes me think of that book. So precious. :'-)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you would please find a little tissue icon to place in the tops of blogs like this. It was beautifully poetic as well as very true. I love your writing, April!