Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Big Girl

Olivia crawls now.


It's really cute. Especially when she sees something new to explore across the room and she squeals with delight and then takes off after it.

We've been working on her fall/winter wardrobe a little bit. Marian was at Kohl's the other week and asked what size to get O for pants. We decided she would need 24-months. When I hung the new pants up in her closet next to her summer capris, the pants looked ENORMOUS. Super long. I was a little disappointed because I wanted her to start wearing the cute striped pants now instead of late in the winter. But then, all of a sudden, she shot up like a beanstalk, and those 24-month pants weren't so big anymore!

Then I tried putting the 18-month capris on her and they're waaay too short. Seriously, that happened in like a 1-2 week span!

And she also got her first pair of shoes. We got them a week ago. At the store, her feet were swimming in the shoes, even with socks on. But we finally went with the bigger size, because I want these to last forever. Or at least through the winter. I swear her feet grew, too, because now the shoes stay on her feet, instead of falling off.

She saw Dr. Hofman for her 10-month checkup on Thursday. At her 6-month she was 29 inches. I had been measuring her since then, and the longest she got was 29.5. Well, on Thursday, she was

31.5 inches!!!

And here's her in her 24-month pants to prove it!

(Please don't mind the blurriness.)

I looked at JB's baby book and he was about that height when he was her age, so don't worry, folks, it looks like she won't get any taller than 6'3"!


Michigan Girl said...

Holy smokes, what a big girl! Hey, I just did a height predictor calculator for Olivia based on you and JB's heights (5'10" for you and 6'3" for JB right?). It said Olivia has a 68% chance of being within 2 inches either way of 5'10". Wow!


teaglebee said...

I like the shirt she's wearing. A LOT!