Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weigh-In, 6/2

Weight change for the week:

JB: -1.8 lbs April: +.6

Weight change to date:

JB: -1.4 April: -2.8 the race is a little more even. This would be okay for me, save that I GAINED this week. Good Lord, do I have to cut out ALL my desserts?!??? And I can't stop this diet now. I have two prizes in mind, both equally special to me.

The first prize that I thought of was fabric for my nine-patch quilt that will have Civil War reproduction fabric. Or perhaps some fabric for K's citrus quilt, which is next on my docket after Olivia's quilt (which is stalled because I'm still working on our stupid drapes! Those things are taking FOR-EV-ER).

But yesterday I stopped in at a funky shop in Easttown, Gallery 154, and there was a selection of cool framed vintage Michigan travel posters that I must have. They're a
t a great price, considering they're double-matted and professionally framed. So perhaps my prize can be to get one of those. I love vintage travel posters. And ones of Michigan and the Great Lakes, which I haven't seen before, is mega-cool.

The closest one I've found online is this, which is even more fabulous than the ones at the store, but just the POSTER in 18x24 is $50. Whatever. I am not desperate enough to pay $50 for a piece of paper.


David said...

Our you guys weighing in at the same time of the day each time you do a weigh-in?

My weight can fluctuate around 3 pounds during the day depending on when I weigh myself.

April May said...

Yes, we both weigh in at the same time: Tuesday night before bed. I've noticed the weight fluctuations throughout the day, too. Our scale is a little weird, though, so perhaps I will blame that.

David said...

Before bed is probably when I weigh the most.