Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I miss you, bloggedy blog!

So my mom announced that we are having a Craft Christmas, meaning that we should try to make all of our gifts this year. I love making things, but it has come at a bad time as I am very busy with a baby, a full-time job, and a plethora of holiday activities. And of course, I have taken on some huge crafty-endeavors for this. They cannot be done in one night or even one week.

Because of this, I do not have time to blog. Boo! And I have fun things to talk about!

  • Like the rat the size of a hamster that ran across my dad’s feet while he was making breakfast one morning.
  • Or our trip to Meijer Gardens for my birthday.
  • Or the really bad magic show that we had to endure at my office Christmas Party. (They’re illusions, Michael! Tricks are what whores do for money!.... or candy.)
  • Or my latest fascination: antique steam trunks
  • Or that JB’s brother Austin is engaged! Yay! To a girl we’ve never met! Boo!

So I am alive, just busy. Since JB is not “crafting,” he should have plenty of time to blog, though. (hint! hint!)

Here is Olivia on her first trip to Meijer Gardens. I got a family membership to the Gardens for my birthday, so expect many more photos to be taken there. I love that place!


dave and sarah o said...

fun blog update :) after Christmas I'd love to hear what you and your family made...i have thought about having a homemade Christmas too some times :)

Anonymous said...

JB you must blog, PLEASE! I have nothing to read with my morning tea! LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

I have missed your blogs. I check it every day. And Olivia is SO big already and I haven't even held her yet. :-( Love, Aunt Rhonda