Saturday, December 13, 2008

3 vs 13

Today was sister Anne and sister Melissa's graduations from Oakland U. (Congrats ladies!) So we loaded up April's Grand Prix and hit the road. My mom had called the night before to let us know that my cousin Emily was going to be visiting and that she really wanted to meet baby O.

Congrats Emily you were the first extended Bier family member to meet and interact with Liv! Don't let it go to your head... :)

fyi- Olivia doesn't seem to be a Cher fan.

Of course by the time we had left "The Hilton" we were late. So I took it upon myself to make up some time by using my handy lead foot. Mid-eighties in a seventy mile per hour expressway isn't too bad, but unfortunately the police officer didn't agree.

-Austin, this is the second time your "magic" sticker has failed us. For shame.-

I can't fault the guy for doing his job. And to be fair I WAS speeding. But it still sucks. Also he was probably the most abrupt police officer April or I had ever dealt with.

No asking if I knew why he was pulling me over.

No asking why I was speeding.

Just, "License. Registration. Proof of insurance. I read you going 84 in a 70." And he walked away.


This is my third moving violation in my twelve years of driving. I've got a lot of work to catch up to April's thirteen.


dave and sarah o said...

fun pics :) love the update JB... Looks like a fun time! Sorry for the ticket....Dave and I have had 2 pull overs this in April...the speed limit was just changed from 45ish to 20 we didnt know since it was brand new in Mt. Juliet TN. Our glove compartment had just broke and was stuck. our registration etc was in their. so the officer said itwas a warning and let us go :)

then in november....we were in an area of town that i wasnt too familiar with and i turned on a no turn on red light. glove compartment still i said it again,...and we were let go...crazy!!!!!

now i have the registration and stuff in the backseat pocket for easier access.

Sorry about your ticket and LONG comment!

Haller4307 said...

I don't know if I didn't know or if I just forgot, but I did not realize Emily is your cousin!

Hi, Emily!

Cousin Emily said...

sorry to make you late...but really, would you have missed letting me be the FIRST? no is the answer.

and hi lisa! you probably knew at some point or another--not having the same last name makes that one hard to keep track of :)

Aunt Rhonda said...

Okay, if anyone from the "extended family" got to hold her first, I'm glad it was Emily.

When is MY turn??? I doubt she'll let me hold her when she's 3!

Aunt Rhonda