Monday, October 27, 2008


I've been wanting to blog for soooo long.

But my days haven't consisted of very interesting material. Here is my day:

Baby, baby, baby, breakfast, baby, screaming crying baby, barely remember to brush my teeth, baby, crap--forgot to put on deodorant!, hold sweet baby, crying baby, back to sweet baby as long as I'm holding her, feed the poor dog, let dog out to pee, baby, sleep for 2 hours, screaming crying baby, Why am I so starving? Wait! I haven't eaten in 5 hours!, feed baby, wash baby, wash load of baby laundry, try to do 30 minutes of house cleaning, baby, cuddly sweet baby, baby, wolf down dinner while JB holds fidgety baby, take a shower, watch annoying political ads on TV, baby, ...

blah, blah, blah.

Fortunately, baby is cute, as evidenced here:

Some day, I will have something non-baby to post. I really thought that I would garner some material tonight, as it was our annual Bible Study Pumpkin Carving party. But this beloved sweet baby chose 7-8:30 to have her daily crying fit (thank you Lord, that it wasn't 2-5 a.m. like usual!) so I did not get to a.) have fun with my friends or b.) carve a pumpkin, because I was upstairs with Olivia. Poor Kelly also went home early because her 10-month-old was in a bad mood.

At least I got to take photos afterward! Good job, carvers!


dave and sarah o said...

looks like a good time :) we had a pumpkin carving party too this year. love it!

Michigan Girl said...

Nice pumpkins! And it will get better, they saw the first few months go by in a blur. She is so pretty!

Haller4307 said...

baby is VERY cute!