Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!

Today's notable events:

JB carved the above pumpkin. According to a trick-or-treater, "That's tight!"

I took the Bird in to get weighed. 10 lbs. 1 oz. My baby book says that on average they gain 6-8 oz. per week. The Bird has surpassed that. She is giant. She is heavy. But she still isn't as big as her Uncle Austin when he was born. I look at Olivia and think, "Marian gave birth to something larger than this. Good Lord!"

After getting weighed, Marian, Olivia and I had lunch at Marie Caltrib's, which is this awesome Lebanese-ish restaurant near my house. I had never been there before and was excited to finally try it out. It's wonderful. While there we were seated at the table next to a local TV anchor, the famous Suzanne Geha. For those of you who live around here, you know how dramatic WoodTV news can be and how crazy some of the headlines that Suzanne reads are. JB said that if Suzanne had seen Olivia (she glanced at her carseat but did not peek inside), we'd see Suzanne on TV tonight with this headline: "The cutest baby IN Grand Rapids!! Tonight at 11!" Suzanne would have felt Olivia was the cutest baby because a.) she is, and b.) I think that Suzanne has birdish features, so she'd feel an instant kinship with Olivia when she learned her nickname is "the bird."


Kristen said...

I love Olivia's outfit. So cute! I agree that if Suzanne saw Olivia, she would definitely mention it on the news. haha.
The long pumpkin turned out great. It really is "tight". :)
Isn't Marie Catrib's delicious? I've been there a couple times. Yum! See you Sunday.

Michigan Girl said...


Loved Suzanne Geha on the news when I lived in K-zoo. That's so funny she was in the restaurant. Oh, and awesome pumpkin!

Olivia gets cuter every day!


David said...

I remember the good ole' days when I could just prop Allison up like that on a Boppy pillow.