Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Name Game

Ever since my coworkers learned that Baby H’s name was going to be a surprise they’ve been working really hard to guess it. They are constantly asking for clues and then listing off names so they can read the reaction on my face. I have not fallen for their games. The name has actually been thrown out there (along with like 100 other names) and I’ve given the same reaction. Heh heh heh. It helps to pretend that the baby has some other name, so if I do hear her real name I am not affected.

I decided to make guessing the name a game. My coworkers have all given their top two picks for her name and whoever guesses it will get the call at work when the baby is born, and she can then share the good news with everyone else. It’s actually been pretty fun. I gave some vaguish clues to help them along and these are their current votes:

  • Heather
  • Erica
  • Josephine
  • Olivia
  • Wendy
  • Charlotte
  • Samantha
  • Victoria
  • Carla
  • Stephanie
  • Danielle
  • Brianna
  • Victoria
  • Alexandra
  • Georgia/Georgiana
  • Joanna
  • Cassandra
  • Kendall
  • Annika
  • Paulette

Do you want to play? If you guess, you will be one of the first people we call! Here are the clues:

  • It is a nod to my family…but that won’t help you unless you’re a Teague! Haha! Well, Melissa has the best resources on that, since she has a copy of the family tree.

  • It has a male counterpart name. Example: Christina—Christopher, Anne—Andrew

  • It has literary origins. Or, at least, I read that it was first used in a literary piece centuries ago.

  • This has led me to feel that it is an older name, but a confidant told me that it’s also a newer name.

  • At least one of my favorite TV shows or movies has either an actress or character with this name or derivative of the name.

Good luck!


Heather said...

First...i'd really just like a phone call.

second...i'd like to vote for Helen or Bonnie.

(i know, probably not original but it made me laugh. :)

dave and sarah o said...

im so torn...its fun to see these choices.

im going to pick a top three not in any order...and i did do a little research with your hints...

-georgia/georgianna ( which i think is adorable)

i cant wait to find out...maybe you can shorten the list in a couple days so we can rule out some :) hint hint!

dave and sarah o said...

another idea :) you should take one off per day until you have her :)

April May said...

The list that my coworkers gave does not necessarily have the name in it. It is just their guesses.

dave and sarah o said...

oh...i was wondering ;)

Tommy said...

Well, regardless if it fits ALL of your clues I vote for Olivia. We had Granny-O who was actually an Olive I believe, so similar name on the Teague side. Also, the male equivalent would be Oliver. Plus it's a literary name first used by Shakespeare.

As for guesses, here are my few.

Olivia (see above)
Carla (after Grandpa Carl Teague)
Wilhelmina (after Grandma Minnie)

What if we accidentally guess the middle name? Does that mean we get the second call? Oh, I have an idea. Maybe we'll all just sit on a conference line and wait for you to dial in so you can tell us all simultaneously. Ramble ramble ramble...

Anonymous said...

I was going to say what Tommy said, well except I didn't know about "Granny O".

And to add one to his list of Olivia reasons : Olivia is on SVU and if I recall right you like that show.

and to quote Heather "I'd really just like a phone call". PLEASE!!!

Or even an email...anything!!!!

Love yas,

Anonymous said...

Tommy is right! I have a feeling it will be Olivia Anne was sure it was Daisy, she was convincing me. Daisy (Eugena? ("Eugene")). And Wilhemina was not grandma Minnie, she was just plain old Minnie :)


April May said...

Well, Grandma Minnie was not Wilhelmina, but there IS a Wilhemina in Granny's line--her Grandma.

Readers, Melissa has claimed the name Minnie for her own offspring, so I am sure she's hoping that Wilhelmina could not possibly be it. :)

That's the problem with picking family names...someone is bound to get ripped off.

Melissa said...

I read somewhere that Minerva is the formal name for Minnie. Ahhh!