Monday, August 25, 2008


First, readers, thank you for the overwhelming support about my Crap Cake entry. Your ideas have helped me to come up with a plan regarding both my work situation and traffic ticket situation. Yay! Un-Yay: now I have to take MORE time out of my life to deal with these things rather than just happily work on making drapes for my bedroom, painting a bookcase for the child’s room, etc. Ugh!

And now, for something PONDEROUS…

(By the way, does anyone remember that song from the early 90’s--This is Ponderous? I remember climbing my friend Sabrina’s spiral staircase to go to her room where we painted our nails or something and listened to Ponderous over and over again. The song was popular for about a week. Sabrina’s house was this old barn-shackish building typical for rural Michigan, but with a white metal spiral staircase that totally made the place seem glamorous to a kid. That staircase completely clouded over the fact that they shared their house with barn animals. Actually, looking back, her house was kind of ponderous itself.)

Anyway, I digress:


Last week my coworker Shari was pulling into the Best Buy parking lot when she saw walking out of Best Buy’s doors,

…wait for it…

An AMISH man!

What on earth would an Amish man need at Best Buy???


Michigan Girl said...

Maybe...XM radio for his horse and buggy? :)


Tommy said...

Wait, how did he even GET to Best Buy? Those things are in urban areas. How did the old horse and carriage negotiate the on-ramp?

He was probably buying solar panels. Maybe he wanted to get off the grid so it wouldn't look like they used electricity. Those Amish though, they secretly use electricity. You know how much they love to watch Desperate HouseDonkeys and TMZ.