Monday, June 9, 2008

This past weekend was a little wonderful. I’ve been getting my butt kicked with busyness for the last few months and I was really looking forward to this weekend—no social plans, no required house projects/cleaning, and we started our dog-sitting stint that has us staying in a beautiful old farmhouse in the country. I have actually been so busy that I’ve been really sick, so I really needed a rest.

Now, as a workaholic, I still got tangled up in working this weekend, but a big part of my exhaustion is emotional. I make these huge lists of “to-do’s” and am all in a tizzy until every last thing on a list is done. The things that I did this weekend were not on any list, so it didn’t seem to take as much out of me. I know. I’m weird.

I’m looking forward to the next two weeks of dog sitting, because I’m taking a break. We don’t have high-speed internet or even a functioning computer there. Don’t have cable tv. Don’t have fixer-up house projects. It’s just me, the three dogs, my husband, and the gardens. And the mama deer and her baby that I saw moseying across the lawn this morning. Well, okay, and those damned mosquitoes that find my flesh to be irresistible. And dog fiascoes of course—like Lexi eats turds, Lucy rolls in turds, and Maggie pants so much that you think a dog keeps peeing all over the floors. But those things seem so minor compared to what feels like 24/7 mania at the Calvin house.

So be ready folks, for some hopefully good “stories from the farm!” I just don’t know when I’ll be able to post them, given our technology setbacks. :)

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