Monday, May 12, 2008

Stone Cold

Saturday night JB and I plopped down on the couch after an exhaustive marathon of yard work. JB is a major patron of the local library system, so he had a pile of free movie rentals for us to choose from. I am a fan of Tom Selleck and small town murder/mysteries, so I picked Stone Cold, which included both of those things.

The movie was fine. Nothing worthy of an award, but watchable. However, I have one major qualm with it.

One of the subplots was about a high school girl getting gang raped in the woods by 3 of her classmates, including the varsity football star. These boys took photos and told the girl that they’d kill her if she ratted them out.

As the move progresses, the boys get found out by the Sheriff (Selleck). He really wishes he could beat them up and makes a comment at one point about castrating them. I think this is a worthy punishment.

But what really happens to the boys? Do they get sentenced to JAIL, where the cronies there will gang rape them back (also a good payback)? Do they get hanged within an inch of their life or shot in the groin (also a good payback, if you ask me)?


They get sentenced to community service with the Sheriff’s department, which they never show played out. The boys still get to go to school with this poor humiliated girl. They never mention the football player’s fate, so we can only assume that he still gets to play football.


That is SOOOO not an acceptable punishment for those boys! Yet everyone seems fine with it—even the victim!

This really gets under my skin. I am glad that this wasn’t a true story.

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Heather said...

that's a crap punishment! that's all i'm sayin'