Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good News Bad News

This week is filled mostly with good, exciting news. However, as luck would have it, it is also tempered with bad news. Fortunately, the bad news isn’t “end of the world” stuff. Since so much has been happening, though, I thought I’d just make a little chart instead of going into great detail over every little thing. Also, some of this is JB's good news, so he can write about that if he wants.

Good News

Bad News

We got a lot of yard work done on Saturday and the place is looking GOOD!

Our mulch for the yard still has not been delivered.

JB got a grill--YUM.

My vintage bike is not fixable like I had thought, so now if I want a bike, I have to buy a new one.

I got rhubarb from a friend and am making rhubarb jam.

My lemon tree is pretty much dead. Looks like everything got neglected when I got sick from pregnancy. :(

We’ve made plans to have a small vegetable garden this summer.

I gained too much weight last month (though I’m more concerned about it than my Dr.)—better get those veggies growing so I can lay off the ice cream!

The yard is fenced so now Lulu can run around with freedom.

Prenatal vitamins make me sick. The doc has me trying all sorts, but no luck. I’m close to swearing off of them.

JB got a whole week of vacation! (He had originally only gotten four days because everyone else hogged the days off.)

Our vacation will still be cut short because of a friend’s wedding (because all JB’s coworkers hogged vacation time and there was only one week he could pick).

My freelance project is almost done!!!

My eyesight is jacked because of pregnancy and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I have made plans to make curtains for all the upstairs rooms.

I do not have money to buy all the materials and curtain rods for all the upstairs rooms.

JB got a picnic table and has already sanded and stained it. It’s awesome.

I did not get into The Antiques Roadshow’s visit to Grand Rapids. Boo!