Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Quickening

Last night I was laying in bed and reading about gardening in this cool book:

JB had already thumbed through it and shared his excitement with me about this latest project of ours. I am so thankful to have such a compatible husband! For the most part, he and I like the same things, though one of us may be a bigger fan of something than the other. It’s really nice to share things that you love with someone else.

As I was daydreaming about giant tomato bushes and homegrown onions, I felt it.

The Quickening.

A friend of mine laughed that “the quickening” sounds like something from the Highlander movies. It does. It also makes me think of some dark Stephen King novel. Or some horror movie (I have a theory that every movie that that has a two-word title that starts with “the” is a horror/thriller movie).

But "the quickening" is just a term for feeling your baby moving for the first time.

How cool is that?

(I don’t know if this is technically the quickening for me, because I felt the same thing last week, but only once or twice while I was reading my baby book, so I wasn’t sure if I was making it up or not.)

So now I feel mini-Hunt swimming around in there all the time. I’m not really a “baby person,” so I am taking time to enjoy one of the few things I find interesting about babies—watching/feeling them grow!

Hopefully I'll be as successful with my tomatoes!


dave & sarah o said...

sweet news :) yeah for baby hunt!

Michigan Girl said...

Congratulations! My friend Candace is a week ahead of you and can't tell if what's she's feeling is the baby or not. She was really worried until she had a 4-D ultrasound yesterday and the baby is great. What a wonderful thing to experience.


Anonymous said...


Yep I'd say that covers it:

Much love,