Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pepper Time

Tonight I made salad for dinner. I heart banana peppers, but decided this time to try this mild yellow-green pepper that I saw at the grocery store. It was good on my salad. Afterward, I diced the remainder of the pepper to use for tomorrow’s lunch.

Then I finally sat down to work on Zondervan. I’ve been having soo many problems getting good chunks of time in on this project.

My nose itched. So I scratched it.

Then it burned. I had pepper juice on my hands! And now my right nostril was on fire! Argh! I was determined to keep working so I tried to ignore it. But the burning was distracting, so I tried dipping toilet paper (hick-girl’s Kleenex) in water and shoving that up my nose. The cool water was okay for a moment and then the burn returned. I KNOW not to put water on a pepper burn, but I did it anyway. No explanation for my actions.

While I’m distracted by my flaming nose, my eye itches. So I itch it.

Flaming red eye! Aaaaggghhh!!! I run to the bathroom to…you guessed it…RINSE OUT MY EYE WITH WATER. Triple aaaagggghhhh!!! Is this what pre-blindness feels like, I wondered?

JB said I could call his mom, a nurse. But I opted to search for a solution online. Since I was blind in one eye, surfing the net was difficult. The first site I found was a “gardener’s” site that said to put aloe vera lotion or aloe vera plant on my inner eyelid. Hmmm…I don’t have lotion, but I’ve got a huge aloe plant. It sounded strange to put aloe plant juice on my eyelid, but I stumbled downstairs to chop a branch from the plant anyway.

That website was a trick!!

No, friends, aloe plant does NOT work on areas such as eyes and nose. Unless by “work” you mean, “works to make you burn even more.”

I returned to the internet, with the right side of my head on fire, to learn that there’s nothing to do but wait it out.

So I’m waiting. I am certain that the devil is trying to foil my Zondervan efforts. I wasted 30 minutes on flaming bugers and a sizzling eye ball! Well, I’m going back to work now, devil. How do you like THAT?

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Michigan Girl said...

Never trust websites for medical stuff unless its Mebmd or the Mayo Clinic or something! Poor April! Also--link my blog to yours!!! I love you guys!
Heather N.