Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where did that come from?

It's funny how children sudden have full blown personalities and conversational skill. Maybe not funny, more startling than funny. Case in point...

This Sunday morning April had a migraine on top of pregnancy sickness and something I had eaten was reeking havoc on my digestive track. Result? No church for us.

*Friends/family without children, you have no idea what a luxury it is to be able to rest and recuperate from an illness without a (nearly) two year old, bouncing up on down and demanding one's attention. You never know how good you it is until it's gone...*

April took the lion's share of child duties this morning and on my turn O continued to demand April's presence making it nearly impossible for her to rest.

In a last ditch effort I asked, "Do you want to watch a show?"

"No thanks. -pause-I can watch show. I guess."

I swear she wasn't expressing herself like this a week ago. Hard to believe she'll be two in a month...