Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best Parents Ever

I know that all of my blogs these days are about Olivia. And for those of you without children, it's probably a drag. I am sorry. You can judge me. I'd judge you if you did the same. :)

But, well, Olivia is entertaining to me. And I'm not in a writing season right now. I'm in a "crafting for Christmas" season, which means that witty stories are collecting dust in the recesses of my mind, while I am busy sewing and gluing. There's always something to keep me from writing, isn't there?

So last night was Bath Night for the Bird. JB is the appointed bather, so I can have a break from that silly girl. I brought O upstairs while JB checked his internets. I closed the shades in her room. I picked up her toys. I got out her pajamas. I got out her towel. Then I came into the office to tell JB that everything was ready.

However, JB wasn't ready. So he did not take up watching duties right away. And I had mentally checked out, so I assumed that JB would watch her and I forgot all about her.

Everything was quiet until we heard wimpering in the bathroom. Olivia does not cry. Even when she fell down the side entry stairs last week, she barely cried. Instead, she wimpers. I can't exactly spell out the sound, but it was "Uhh...help, please...uhhh...I'm stuck and I don't know what to do...uhhhh..."

JB sprung up from his chair and raced to the bathroom, and upon arrival, hollered for me to make haste. I was quick on my feet, with my camera in tow.

This is what we saw:

Yes, Olivia had gotten stuck half-in, half-out of the bathtub.

Yes, that is the toilet brush next to her foot, and the brush's holder in the tub.

Yes, those were her toys until she half-fell into the tub.

Yes, JB and I are the best parents ever.

I can't stop laughing...


Michigan Girl said...

Awesome. Great job guys :)

FYI--In college, I was scrubbing the tub bent over and took a header right in, almost in that same position. I was sort of stuck, and pushed extra hard with one hand, and in I went. So, its not just babies!


Tommy said...

I love the Olivia stories, I think she is just as good a topic as anything.

However, her playing with the toilet scrubber ignites my germaphobia! Yuck!

April May said...

I know. Gross. But she got a bath directly after, so she's clean again. Usually access to the bathroom is barred off, but since it was bath night, I left it open for a few minutes. Bad move.

Anonymous said...

What if she put it in her mouth! YUCK!


Anonymous said...

Ha - that is so funny!!! Thanks for sharing. I thought exactly what you did Annie. (Don't think about it.)

JB, I guess she was telling you that she was ready for the bath even if you weren't.

Can't wait to show this one to the kids. :-)

You ARE great parents.

Aunt Rhonda

ellen said...

haha april this definitely made my day. I was having a bad one but this definitely cheered me up so THANK YOU! :) -Ellen