Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pretty Baby 2009

Last weekend I was in Mayberry for my parents' annual Fourth of July party.

Mom and I ran to the infamous Wingerts for groceries, and there I ran into my old friend Connie. She alerted me to the Pretty Baby contest that the Mayville Sunflower Festival is holding, as she thinks that O could be a contender.

So we're entering her. The rules do not state that you have to be a resident, and since O's grandma and grandpa still live there, I figure it's fair game.

The only problem is picking a photo! We did a baby photo shoot today, which turned out to be difficult because O kept looking off at Lucy, who was patrolling the yard. She is a little too obsessed with dogs, if you ask me.

This one was not in the photo shoot, but she's just so cute when she has her "reading time." Every day she pulls all the board books off of her bottom shelf and reads all by herself. It's quite entertaining to watch/listen to:

This is actually my current favorite photo, but I doubt it would garner a win. I call it "Highway Patrol Baby":

And this one just made me laugh, so I'm sharing it. Who are you yelling at, Bird?


Michigan Girl said...

I would say the 2nd photo--her smile is so pretty!


Anonymous said...

They are both so cute. But I think I'm with Heather on this. But then again the other one is so "playful"! I'm no help. :-)

dave and sarah o said...

i really like the one with the books ;) its classic :)

Anonymous said...

I like the open-mouth smile in number 2, but let's face it...she's so adorable that ANY picture of her would do the trick.