Wednesday, July 22, 2009

9.) Lucille and the Beach

One of my favorite parts of going to the cabin is watching Lucy run the beach. The first time she went up she wowed Grandma by running and running and running in circles on the beach at a breakneck pace, repetitively. Grandma was unaware of Lucy's dedication to aimless carefree running and was quite entertained by it.

This year proved no different, but with the added bonus of her bff Lexi accompanying her. Over the course of the week the dogs had several different people throw tennis balls for them. Most memorable were the Schreimer girls and their cousin. They marveled at how high Lucy can jump and how fast she can run. (A random couple who were walking the beach also marveled at Lucy's abilities--apparently it's legal to walk the beachfront along the lake, even on private property, and these people were not shy about walking through our yard. The man said that I should enter Lucy in races.)

Typical Chewba beach routine:
  • Run.
  • Run.
  • Run.
  • Watch tennis ball get launched into water.
  • Consider racing Lexi for it. (Only like going in cold water if there are enough rocks to hop in order to get to my destination.)
  • Let Lexi chase ball while I bark at the human's feet.
  • Jump up very high in attempt to steal human's other tennis ball.
  • While Lexi swims back with her ball, watch other tennis ball fly down the beach, not in water.
  • Tear up sand chasing ball and barking madly.
  • If Lexi is out of water by then and chasing new ball, will easily outrun her.
  • Bring ball back, shaking it in mouth in very fierce, vigorous fashion. I am to be feared!
  • Listen to human tell me to drop it.
  • Or, I mean, DON'T listen to human's command to drop it.
  • Prance around with ball in mouth, wanting it to be thrown again.
  • Realize it won't get thrown until I drop it.
  • Concede.
  • Watch tennis ball get launched into water...


Michigan Girl said...

Great posts April! Can't wait to read #'s 8 through 1!


Annie said...

It looks as if in the first picture that she is being pulled up by an imaginary string. Good picture!

dave and sarah o said...

great posts! loving your top 10 :)