Saturday, July 25, 2009

7.) Calendar Girl

Remember that one time, when I learned that my photo was picked to be in the Les Cheneaux 2010 calendar?

I saw said calendar at Safe Harbor Books in Cedarville last week. I got excited and flipped to the month of August, where I expected to see my photo. Instead I saw this lame photo of wooden boats. (I typically would like this photo, but since it was replacing mine, it was lame.)

Dismayed, I relayed this to JB.
He then pointed out that my photo wasn’t there because it was the COVER photo.

Der! No wonder the front of the calendar looked so familiar!


Michigan Girl said...

That is so awesome! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...




The Contemplative Mama said...

Congratulation!!! It's a beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

Bahahahaha! You are so my sister. Too funny.


Michigan Girl said...

Comment #2--when I showed Brian this, his response was "that is COOL."


Anonymous said...

nice! published and looks good on the CV!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, April! We'll have to see if we can order this on line.

Love, Aunt Rhonda

P.S. We'll work on getting that Chase ATM down here. :-)