Monday, June 29, 2009

Austin's wedding toast

I thought I would let y'all see what you missed this past Saturday at my little brother's wedding in Nashville. More to come...

Roughly 25 years ago I rode in the back of our parent’s Volvo station wagon with my new baby brother Austin. At that time I was bigger than him. While playing with my brother for the first time, I solemnly told him that I would “learn” him everything I knew. Since that time I’ve done my best to educate Austin on the finer points of life.

I thought it might be appropriate on the night Austin starts his married life with Lauren to give him a few more nuggets of brotherly wisdom…

Austin, I believe that I can speak for myself and everyone here in saying – No one wants to go to your gun show. We’ve all been there and once was more than enough

Be considerate of Lauren. You’ve lived the past 25 years in male dominated households. Put down the toilet seat

Disputes and Arguments will crop up from time to time. Be slow to anger, quick to listen, and first to apologize. From my experience your wife will always win anyways.

Finally – let her know that you love her everyday. Never stop telling her she’s beautiful and don’t be too annoyed when she beats you in any competition.

I love you Austin.

Lauren, it’s been wonderful getting to know you. Austin has been a new man with you in his life and we are all excited to having you as part of the family.

Congrats! Let’s all raise our glasses to Austin and Lauren.


dave and sarah o said...

Great and memorable speech :) and it was wonderful to see you guys and spend time with y'all!

Michigan Girl said...

Great toast JB!


Anonymous said...

JB you ROCKED the toast!