Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weigh-In, 5/26

Weigh-in for last night:

JB: no weight loss
April: -3.4 lbs

Yay, me! I've officially reached my pre-pregnancy weight.

However I think that even if I lose the extra 20-25 lbs that I need to, I'll still have this dang spare tire around my gut, where my child stretched me out. I've been faithfully doing my killers and crunchers every day (I never thought I'd say this, but, Thank you, Mr. Collon) but the tire remains. Olivia has been watching me do my exercises and I explained to her that SHE is the one who did this to me. Then she looked at me as if to say, "But Mama, look at how CUTE I am. Sometimes you have to endure horrible things to get cuteness." Then she picked up the dog's rubber toy and put it in her mouth.


Michigan Girl said...

Awesome. Mary had an old picture of you guys from school when I saw her this weekend, and you and she were so thin you were almost skeletal. It was shocking! I, on the other hand, was chubby and round, just as I am now. :)


Anonymous said...

Way to go, April. Girls rule, boys drool!

Virginia said...

But April, you don't need to lose a pound! Neither does JB. And I decided not to comment on the initial Biggest Loser post, but I have to speak up now. I'll try to stay off my anti-diet, love-yourself-as-you-are soapbox too much, but here is some food for thought (ha):

1) Your body did an A-MAZ-ING thing and had a baby. And of course it's going to change. Why not appreciate the incredible thing it gave you (Olivia is the greatest child ever, after all hehehe), rather than punishing your body to live up to some evil-media ideal that all women should be able to continue looking exactly the same FOR-EV-ER as they did when they were 20 and/or childless?

2) 95% of diets (or lifestyle changes or whatever coded language you use) fail. Is there anything else in the world that 95% of the people would fail at and we'd still keep saying "Oh, it's their own personal fault, they didn't do [insert something that SOMEONE in the 95% did, just maybe not that particular person]." If 95% of people who skydive without a parachute fail to live after they land, we would conclude that skydiving without a parachute is a bad idea, not that the person wasn't doing it right.

3) Your health has very little to do with your weight. Mindblowing, I know, and difficult to believe when the media forcefeeds us THE OBESITY CRISIS SCREEEEEEAM all the time, but go with me here. We all know someone who is skinny, never eats fruits and veggies, and doesn't exercise. Just because they are skinny clearly doesn't mean they're healthy (and we could get into the fact that anorexics are also fairly skinny, but no one would argue that they are healthy). Well, the reverse is true - I know plenty of people that eat well-balanced diets, get plenty of exercise, AND STILL AREN'T SKINNY. Skinny doesn't equal healthy, and fat doesn't equal unhealthy. Losing weight in and of itself is not a way to "get more healthy."

Last thing...I'm a big proponent of Health at Every Size and there are tons of great websites out there that explain it. The scariest thing I ever did when I got onboard with HAES was quit dieting and declared a truce with my body. But I'm so much happier for it, and I want that for you and JB.

Haller4307 said...

good job. sadly, i'm losing weight much more slowly the second time around and i started off weighing more since i gained 6 lbs when i stopped nursing emma. when my life becomes semi-normal and i'm passed the 6 week mark, i hope jeff and i can do the same as you two are!