Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quilt 2009

So I can FINALLY tell y'all what I've been doing for the past four months! Since January Marian and I have been furiously working on a quilt for Austin and Lauren's wedding. I don't know how many hours we spent deciding on a pattern, creating the layout and measurements, picking out fabric, washing and ironing fabric, cutting, and then finally assembling the quilt. We pieced the quilt, which means we put it together, but we hired a woman to quilt it, which is the part where you sew the top, the batting, and the back together. We don't have a special machine and it would have taken us way too long to quilt it ourselves.

The quilt has the Ohio Star block in it. We used a bunch of Marian's fabric scraps, which she said included a lot of fabric that used to be Aunt Helen's (recognize anything, Aunt Helen?). We also bought some fabric that we wanted featured, including a "Go Green, Go White" print, some horse/riding prints, a snowman one, and some Civil War reproduction fabric, since Lauren is from Tennessee. I LOVE that Civil War fabric and want to buy a bunch more for myself.

It was a load of fun to make it. We wanted to see them open their gift and figured the days around the wedding would be a little too hectic. Well, and basically, we were tired of waiting. :) So we gave it to them Friday night when they were in town.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love the dedication!


Michigan Girl said...

that quilt is awesome!


Rhonda said...

What a beautiful gift. I wouldn't have been able to wait either.

I can't wait to see you guys!

Love, Aunt Rhonda

The Contemplative Mama said...

I love the quilt! What a beautiful gift for Austin and Lauren...can't wait to see you all next month!

dave and sarah o said...

Beautiful quilt! You are a talented woman :) Any new pics of Little Olivia?