Monday, March 23, 2009

Mid-week, April and I were fighting about something that was pretty stupid, but was really just a catalyst for a different bigger issue. I was angry, maybe even enraged, and then April cried. My response?

"April, when you cry it neuters my rage."

Tears made my blustering look just... dumb.


Friday, I walked into Best Buy to pick up something I had to special order. As I approached the service desk the young lady working uncapped a thick black marker and took a deep whiff.

"Smells like knowledge." She stated ever so sagely.

Naturally I laughed in her face.

"Smells like dying brain cells", I replied.

"Maybe." She smiled and took another hit of the marker. "Nope, smells like knowledge."

The crazy thing is, I know what she meant.

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Michigan Girl said...

JB--I know what you mean with the fighting thing and feeling enraged. I feel like that sometimes and Brian doesn't get it. He just never feels that total rage feeling. But I do and I completely lose it with him. And its not right. At least you stop when April gets upset, but its still not right! We both need to learn to control our tempers!