Thursday, January 8, 2009

First! or How I Start 2009 with a Blog-dump...

I tried to give April ample opportunity to be the first to blog in the new year, but to no avail - soooo...

Happy (late) New Year!

I think I should start the year off right sharing some of my favorite things of the moment.

First, may I admit something to all you wonderful friends and acquaintances out there in cyber space? I'm a knitter. Yes I've started with simple scarves and now I'm working on hats. Before you know it I'll be making sweaters too. I've been so bored at work that I already completed a scarf for myself and I've been commissioned to make April a scarf and my bro-in-law a custom hat. I'm learning as I go, and I've gotten plenty of grieve from my male coworkers. Of course they're all just jealous. What woman doesn't want a guy who can knit?

Again because of workplace boredom, I discovered the YouTube channel Indy Mogul. It's a site that is dedicated to the backyard film maker, which I'm not. Regardless, it's got all sorts of cool stuff on how to make you own special effects on the cheap. After they explain the method, they also produce a short test film to show off the effect. It's badass. It make me want to run out and buy a video camera. And build a light saber.

Left 4 Dead!!!! It's a first person shooter cooperative video game for the Xbox 360. You and three friends have to survive a zombie apocolypse. Brains... What's not to love? It's tense and fun and awesome. It's like playing a zombie movie.

Sister Annie is staying with us. yeAH!

I pick up a haul of Holiday goodies including but not limited to - Dark Knight, HIMYM season 3, Lost season 4, Wall-E, and a couple of boardgames Race for the Galaxy and Argicola.

Yeah that's about it. Nothing really spectacular or amusing. Lives goes on with the wife, baby, dog, and now sister-in-law. Hopefully we can get back and stay on the blog-wagon.


Anonymous said...

Knit One, Pearl Two! :-)
I for one am jealous of your new talent!


Jessica said...

plenty of dudes knit- have you ever seen the book boyfriend of stitch & bitch?