Monday, December 22, 2008

Bird Update

The Bird had her first doctor's appointment today. Well, her first since she was first born.

This is what happened.

She saw Dr. Hofman, and was quite set on getting his attention as he talked to Marian and I about this and that. She was laying off to the side and kept looking at him and jabbering on as if to say, "Hey, guy, I'm the center of the show here! Acknowledge me!"

So then he did acknowledge her. He checked her vitals and deemed her healthy. Then he measured her. Olivia is 13 lbs. 7 oz, which is like 95% percentile for weight. She also has nice-sized head. But the kicker was her length. Dr. Hofman cracked up when he saw the number on the tape measure. He showed us where her height registered on the chart...which was off the charts. I asked him what the longest length on there was but he would not say. I guess he didn't want me thinking that my child was abnormal. However, I am no stranger to Google, so I found my own growth chart. The highest for a girl her age is 23.5 inches, from what I could tell. Olivia is...

wait for it....

26 inches!

Oh dear. She is going to dread clothes shopping as an adult. What if she's like 6 feet tall? It's quite possible.

Then is was time for shots. She got one droplet thingy in her mouth, and three shots. I do not recall my siblings screaming after their shots when we were young. They cried, but did not scream. I assumed this was because my mother is a calm person and did not make a big to-do over the shots. I thought that if I modeled her and was calm while I held Olivia, that Olivia would be more at ease when they administered her shots.

No. Not true.

She SCREAMED bloody murder. You'd think the nurse was actually trying to saw off her leg, the way Olivia carried on. I was holding her in my lap and was very grateful not to see the look of terror on her face. Marian unfortunately did see Olivia's face as it contorted into ghastly dimensions. I thought Marian was going to cry, too.

Despite this, Dr. Hofman said that Olivia is the most beautiful, advanced baby he's seen in his entire life. And he is surprised that no one has tried to kidnap her yet, because she is so special. He wanted to call all the nurses into the checkup room so they could witness this miracle child, but didn't want the other babies around to feel unimportant.

Okay, so he didn't say that out loud.

But I'm pretty sure that I could read it in his eyes. :)

Here are some late-breaking photos of Olivia (I can't get that one to rotate--don't know why):


dave and sarah o said...

she is so sweet!!! Merry Christmas Hunt Family!

Anonymous said...

Too CUTE!!!

I hope you have a wonderful first Chirstmas Miss Olivia!


Michigan Girl said...

April and JB:
I know you know this already, but you are truly lucky to have such a beautiful and healthy baby.

Jessica said...

holy crap! she's cute- we need to get together soon! Jess Fick