Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The secret's out!

Lucy wasn't sitting by her baby, Olivia, being sweet and protective...

She was just waiting for Olivia to get out so SHE could be in the pillow!

That little rat! Lucy is top princess dog, and she will not hesitate to take advantage of the luxuries that man has to offer. Either that or she loves the baby so much she likes to lay on her stuff because it has her smell. She has also taken to laying on Olivia's used swaddling blankets, etc., if they're around, just like she lays on our dirty laundry.

Speaking of dirty laundry, our washing machine broke! Agh! The repair guy said this morning that he could replace the motor this afternoon. I still haven't heard from him. The machine broke after I put our beloved flannel sheets in it and now they're sitting in a wet pile in the sink. I cannot live without my flannel sheets on our bed! We have lame cotton ones on there right now and it's FREEZING when I climb in the bed at night after taking care of Olivia. Regular sheets in the winter make me ornary.

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