Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last night after I brushed my teeth, I told JB that I was off to bed. "I better get in the bedroom soon because I think Lucy is in there and I gotta make sure she's not peeing on the bed," I told him. (Though it's been a while, she HAS peed on our bed--NOT COOL--so she is usually banned from our room unless supervised.)

JB said that he saw her in there and she hadn't peed on the bed. "But she is doing something naughty-cute," he told me. "You'll say you're mad, but I think you like it."

I marched into our room, and this is what I saw:

She is laying on MY pillow. And JB was right: it IS naughty-cute. Of all the places in the bedroom to lay, she chooses MY PILLOW, probably because I'm the mom and she loves my smell. This is sweet of her to love me like that, but really, I lay my head there, dog. And apparently when I'm not around, you lay your butt there. I was not mad this time because fortunately, I had given her a bath since earlier that day she was doing this:

Lucy is digging to China. She is quite fervent about it, as you can see. As a matter of fact, I need to quit blogging right now because I just realized that I've left her outside for quite some time and I am concerned that she has resumed excavations (she's been awfully quiet out there) and I really don't feel like giving her another bath...


Anonymous said...

Lucy ROCKS! That picture is so cute!

B was amazed at her mad skills by the way!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my name.
So incase the B didn't give it way...