Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Five Finger Discount

Friday saw me through my final baby shower, which was put on by my coworkers. It was so nicely done. I have wonderful coworkers. Baby H got lots of neat things, including a barrage of sleepers. Final count for sleepers received: 28. Fortunately, they’re all different sizes, so I should be able to use them all. She also got a cute pink plush monkey which cracks me up, and my dream outfit for a little girl: a short pleated jean skirt and rainbow striped tights (the outfit also included a hot pink top and a hot pink cable-knit beret)! Agh! They’re the 12-month old size, so I have to wait for her to get bigger. She also got a pink MSU warmup suit that I wish came in my big girl size. Now I’m ready to have the baby so that she can start growing so that she can get big enough to wear her outfits.

I asked Marian what babies wear for the first few months. “Sleepers,” she said. “Ok. What about when you go out in public?” “Sleepers,” she repeated. Bo-ring!! I told JB that this is yet another reason that little babies are boring. You can’t do their hair. You don’t dress them up. They don’t say funny things yet. Sigh.

Out of baby’s present bounty there were a few doubles. So Friday night JB and I took baby’s Target gift cards and got some more store credit, and picked out things that we hadn’t gotten yet: a crib mobile, itso storage boxes for the closet, and a plush “Classic Pooh” piglet to go with her Pooh and Eeyore toys.

As we were leaving the store I was reviewing my receipt. The total I had tallied in my head was more than we were charged. JB was pushing the cart out of the door when I said, “JB, they didn’t charge us for Piglet.” He stopped the cart and we saw piglet sitting in one of the storage boxes, overlooked. He snatched Piglet up and jumped back in line while I went to the car. He was in the store for a very long time and when he finally returned to the car he said, “The lines were so long that I almost just walked back out the door with it!” However, integrity prevailed and we paid for Piglet.

Sunday we returned to Target and bought more of those dang storage boxes and also groceries, etc.

We were walking out the doors again, in the same exact spot, when I noticed a gallon of milk sitting in the bottom of the cart. I tried not to laugh as I said, “JB, they didn’t charge us for the milk.” He looked down at the cart. He looked at me. “I’m not getting back in line. Let’s just go.”

So we sort of stole milk from Target.


Michigan Girl said...

You thief you! Just kidding, don't feel bad. You didn't mean to take the milk. :)

Anyway, yeah it's true that for the first few months all babies need to wear are sleepers and onesies (under the sleepers). It is sort of boring, but worth it. And you'll definitely use all those sleepers, as sometimes babies pee, poo, or puke all over their clothes and can have 3 wardrobe changes in a day!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

My cuties had some cool clothes! But in truth they just look more comfy and cuddly in sleepers so that is what they wore most of the time.

Babies are so not boring! They are totally amazing. Just wait. And they are funny, especially if you get a kick out of "bathroom humor". They burp, fart, puke, poop all at the worst times, and it is funny. LOL.

Plus with each passing day they make new faces and sounds and gestures, it is just amazing and funny and so NOT BORING!

I'm just sayin.....


Haller4307 said...

i dressed emma up for church and for every day stuff and did sleepers at night. i guess i was impractical, but her clothes were SO cute.