Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby shower #1 = Sweet Business

Well, I have to admit that after my first baby shower, I am starting to get excited about having the baby. I think it was the outfits. I got all these cool little outfits and I want to put someone in them! And dressing up Lucy just isn't the same!

This shower was put on by my sisters and mom. It was Cat In the Hat themed. My mother was the Cat in the Hat (fitting, as she was born the same year as the Cat in the Hat), Melissa and Krystal were Thing 1 and Thing 2. Anne did not claim a character, but she if I were to give her a name it would be "Work Horse" as she slaved away to make this thing happen. Rachel also gets props for her contributions.

Unfortunately, because I was the guest of honor and therefore busy, not many photos were taken. I got a few to post, however.

Notable things:
  • Each table had a fishbowl centerpiece with two fish in it (for One Fish, Two Fish).
  • My cake was pink with a boat on top (can't remember which Seuss book that was a throwback to), and there were cupcakes with blue frosting mixed with coconut, to symbolize the hair of Thing 1 and Thing 2.
  • There was, of course, Green Eggs and Ham to eat! :)
  • We played Dr. Seuss trivia.
  • My little cousin Rex (the boy in the second photo, standing by the presents) tried ripping open my presents because he is not disciplined. Unfortunately, he is always a source of trouble. His mom, who was three feet away, did nothing to stop him. I got up and told him NO and took his hands away, which was useless. Finally awesome Heather got up and told him how it was. THANKS HEATHER!! My instincts said to scream at him, YANK him away, and lock him in the house for not being obedient, but I knew that that was overkill, so I froze. Thank you for taking action. I was so mad at myself for not being more like you. I am going to work on this. I don't have a problem kicking my own child's butt, but other people's kids are a different realm.
  • I got a LOT of pink outfits. Not too much yet, but I'm nervous because I have three other showers coming, one of which is my work shower, where it's just a big 'ole, "Let's get her cute outfits!" party. I will try to get the word out that I'm already about 50% pinked out.
  • I realized how many wonderful people I have in my life. Every gift was thoughtful and necessary and I am always amazed at everyone's generosity.


Michigan Girl said...

I'm glad that you didn't think I overdid it with your cousin. Honestly, it bugged me the most because the two he was ripping were from me and my mom! It's so funny to come home and read this post because I just told this story at dinner! I'm glad you had a wonderful day and it was great seeing you!

dave and sarah o said...

fun shower theme :) did you get the dr suess books too? im so excited for you guys! and hope i can meet little girl hunt when she is wee little ;) love you guys. --sarah

Heather said...

i am so sad i couldn't be there...

April May said...

Michigan Girl, you were totally in the right. You handled the situation perfectly.

Heather P, sad you were not there, too! Though it was great to see your mom.

Haller4307 said...

the cat and the hat theme is really cute!

you look great, btw!