Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mohawk attempt unsuccessful

Lucy needed a haircut pretty badly. She hadn’t had one in over a year and was looking quite scruffy. Also, her fur isn’t as soft when it gets this long.

Long-time readers and friends will remember that Lucy has been banned from the doggie salon for bad behavior. This leaves the haircuts to me, the woman with a pair of old orange-handled scissors and an ineffective fine-toothed comb (probably effective for people hair, but not for dog hair).

Earlier this year my brother Tom said that it would be cool to give Lucy a mohawk. I thought that was a great idea—especially if I could dye it green. I had these dreams of Lucy, modeling for me in her mohawkian splendor, an image of green and white (Go Spartans!). She and I could go for walks and the neighborhoods could be fascinated by this tough-looking dog with a fab ‘do.

But alas, dreams do not always come true. I will spare the boring details, but will say that the Mohawk did not work as planned. It was not cool and radical, it did not stay up well (Lucy is afraid of the sounds of the mousse and hairspray cans, thus making it difficult to apply), and I didn’t get a chance to color it green.


I guess I can be grateful that I at least got her hair cut, though upon close inspection you will see dozens of missed hairs and flaws. Lucy was a very obedient dog for the three haircut sittings, the bath, the hairstyling, and the photoshoot I made her endure on Mohawk day. No fighting or escape attempts, no peeing out of terror or bouts of diarrhea or vomiting like at the salon.

I guess those ladies at the doggie salon just don’t know how to handle a Jack Russell!

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Tommy said...

Next time leave it to me. We'll get the buzz cutters out. A true mohawk has buzz cut sides. I realize Lucy may not like the sound of clippers at all, but I have some quiet ones. It might take a while but it can be done. Also, mousse is not the thing, you have to use matte paste type stuff. Throw in a little food coloring dying technique and we've got a green mohawk.

But that's not quite enough. You should also make JB get a green mohawk so that you can take one of those pictures where dog owners look just like their dogs.